This transaction is bright and blind! The US media exposure book he was for Warcraft wasp chips

This transaction is bright and blind! The US media exposure for the Hornets book he was U.S. media screenshot Sina chips of sports news Beijing on February 18th news, according to the "Morning News" reported that Sherlock and Houston discuss the wasp is rocket transaction, both parties are around Dwight Howard in the operation, there is news that the wasp may turn over Jeremy Lin [micro-blog] Perhaps, this is a chance to return to the Rockets jeremy. There are sources, rockets and wasp traded around the Howard negotiations, but at present, the two sides have yet to finalize a viable trading scheme. The Rockets tried to send Howard off before the deadline. Earlier this week, the Rockets had talked with the Miami heat [micro-blog] for replacing Hassan Whiteside with Howard, but there is no follow-up. The Rockets want to replace at least one first round with Howard, but there is no good deal. Howard played a season with the Rockets this season, he averaged 14.6 12.0 1.5 1.0 1.5 steals rebounds and assists capping, 61.2% hit rate; this season scoring average is the lowest value for 3 years, but the hit rate is the highest value, visible Howard in the Rockets shot a few less. The 30 year old star center hasn’t been a star all this year. Howard paid $22 million 300 thousand this season, his contract expires in 2017, but he is expected to exercise the option ahead of the end of the contract in 2016, into the free agent market for a long contract. From the media reports, in addition to Jeremy Lin as a part of the chip, Maijiji and Eyre Jefferson may be involved, but from Jeremy Lin and Howard’s salary, the gap between the two up to 20 million, the deal will certainly have other players. The larger the Hornets team contract including Eyre – Jefferson, Nicholas – Batum, Kemba Walker, Marvin Williams. "I didn’t ask the Rockets I, I also did not talk about the deal," Howard said, "I just want to win, I want to work in this situation now. I chose this team, and I wouldn’t want to run away because we have to face some difficulties now." At present, the Hornets record is 27 wins and 26 losses, ranked East eighth, rockets record is 27 wins and 28 losses, currently ranked ninth in the west. If the Hornets get Howard, will undoubtedly enhance their fighting ability, ranking may be further. And if the Rockets get Jeremy Lin, but lost Howard, then their record has no gain, perhaps the Rockets need further follow-up transactions. (goo DA)

这交易亮瞎眼!美媒曝黄蜂用书豪当筹码换魔兽 美媒截屏   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月18日消息,据《美国早间新闻》报道,夏洛特黄蜂正在与休斯顿火箭商量交易,双方准备围绕德怀特-霍华德进行操作,有消息称,黄蜂可能会交出林书豪[微博],这或许是书豪回到火箭的一个契机。   有消息人士透露,火箭与黄蜂围绕霍华德进行了交易谈判,但目前,双方还没有能敲定一个可行的交易方案。   火箭在交易截止期前试图送走霍华德。本周早些时候,火箭曾与迈阿密热火[微博]商谈过用霍华德换哈桑-怀特塞德,但目前也没有后续。   火箭希望用霍华德至少换回来一个首轮签,但目前没有太好的交易方案。霍华德在火箭效力了三个赛季,本赛季他场均得到14.6分12.0篮板1.5助攻1.0抢断1.5封盖,命中率61.2%;本赛季他的场均得分是三年来的最低值,但命中率是最高值,可见霍华德在火箭的出手数越来越少。这位30岁的明星中锋今年也没有能入选全明星。   霍华德本赛季薪水为2230万美元,他的合同在2017年才到期,但预计他会在2016年行使提前结束合同的选项,进入自由球员市场谋求一份长约大合同。从美媒体的报道中,除了林书豪会作为筹码一部分之外,迈基吉和艾尔-杰弗森可能会涉及其中,但从林书豪和霍华德的薪资来看,两人差距多达2000万,这笔交易肯定还会有其他球员加入。目前黄蜂队内合同较大的人包括艾尔-杰弗森、肯巴-沃克、尼古拉斯-巴图姆、马文-威廉姆斯。   “我没有要求火箭交易我,我也没有谈论交易,”霍华德说,“我就是想赢球,我想在现在的这种情况下工作。我选择了这支球队,我不会因为我们现在要面对一些困境就想要逃跑。”   目前,黄蜂的战绩是27胜26负,位列东区第8,火箭的战绩是27胜28负,目前位列西区第9。如果黄蜂得到霍华德,无疑将提升他们的战斗力,排名或许可以更进一步。而火箭如果得到林书豪,但失去霍华德,那么对他们的战绩也并无增益,或许火箭还需要进一步的后续交易。   (咕哒)相关的主题文章:

Listen to the 38 weeks of fetal movement, baby no maternal – Sohu demonophobia

Listen to the 38 weeks of fetal movement, the baby did not listen to? – Sohu mother Mui in the clinic last week received a pregnant mother, the baby is two or three weeks of peace came, but because the pregnant mother own stillborn, very regrettable: the pregnant mother think to go to the hospital to check the movement is very troublesome, in line to buy fetal ultrasound listen to their movement at home. The baby is 38 weeks pregnant, mother felt some frequent fetal movement, can display fetal heart examination, in 110 – 160 times the normal range, thinking may be the baby will be born, no seriously. It took a few days, feel the movement more and more weak, then hurried to the hospital. Experts can listen to, fetal heart pressure can not hear, the original fetus in the mother’s belly around the neck of the umbilical cord five laps, because it was not found in a timely manner, the baby a long time, has suffocated. Above this case is not a case, in the practice of Mei decades of practice, I have seen, heard a similar situation more than. Over the past 28 weeks, to meet the baby born in late pregnancy, pregnant mothers began to focus more on the aspects of prenatal psychological adjustment, labor supplies are ready, for many seemingly actually underestimated problem of no great importance are ignored. As everyone knows, these neglect is not easy to bring fatal harm to the fetus. Today, Mei Mei to talk with you pregnant mothers who need to pay attention to the issue of a few late pregnancy, I hope to be able to enter your health and safety of pregnant mothers into the delivery room! As of late pregnancy fetal fetal movement reflected there is a sense of an important basis, is the need to continue to focus the mothers. But the problem is that many frequent movement of the first time pregnant mothers nagging, on the one hand is very worried about the development of the fetus, on the other hand, not sure that he is not making a fuss. Late pregnancy frequent movement is going on? In fact, in Eighteenth weeks, the movement began to appear (Sixteenth weeks earlier, start). With the increase of gestational age, fetal movement is also gradually increased, and reached the peak at 34 week, thirty-second weeks, 38 weeks after will be gradually reduced. During this period, the movement is greater than or equal to 30 times 12 hours or greater than or equal to 4 times for normal hours. However, if the movement is less than 20 times 12 hours or 3 hours, pregnant mothers should pay attention to. How to treat it? In late pregnancy, pregnant mothers should carefully recorded every movement, so that we can discover the potential risk of fetal hypoxia. And, in the early stage of fetal abnormalities, pregnant mothers sloppy, should immediately go to the hospital to check, let the doctor take timely and effective treatment measures; if the supplemental oxygen and other active treatment, the movement is still abnormal, to take timely termination of pregnancy, caesarean operation, in order to save the baby’s life. Labor pains 24 hours before the general meeting is red, but there are also pregnant mothers in a few days before delivery or production one week prior to repeated assault. Some pregnant mother because of the lack of experience, a red it would immediately follow the spirit of pain, high tension, insomnia, restlessness, rest so that physical decline, which is very unfavorable for the upcoming delivery. Especially those相关的主题文章:

Fan Bingbing pain to the mouth is askew, Sun Li is too worried, see how many stars baby wharfedale

Fan Bingbing pain to the mouth is askew, Sun Li is too worried, see how many stars baby public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Source: Night grilled off the original title: Sun Li superb baby experience female artist acting too realistic Fan Ye pain to a female artist said inspection skills, in addition to grief or tears crying scene, another is the touchstone of baby play. The baby had not given birth to the baby, as long as this part will use their own imagination or practical experience, the great pain state to restore one mother, take a look at these acting flying women how to interpret. Adorable Fan Ye Fan Bingbing in the mud "energy-saving" in a Fan Bingbing Nicholas Tse children’s story. Look, Bing Bing’s sister is hurting. Fan Ye baby sister: when our heart like that beauty! The beauty of the light "Huanzhugege" heart like this is sister to give birth, painful teeth, sweat baby Ruby Lin Zhao Wei Zhao Wei calm Zhao Wei, feeling to forbear   Zhao Wei baby Liu Tao Liu Tao screen a sister Liu Tao, estimated relationship and indeed had a baby, not consciously to follow she frowned. Liu Tao Lan Qin: early baby beauty or Lan Qin in the "Princess" in the children’s picture story, especially the sweat soaked hair, good Hen Yongqi, that only love her, but let know that the painting was pregnant. Play Sun Li: Goddess figure painting that really is not covered by Sun Li "empress" Mi months pass in performance is very hard, the children face, is also very worried. However, very realistic, small Rice porridge! Sun Lishengwa Xun Zhou was born of the elves, acting face, small, very delicate Xun Zhou Xun Zhou looks pale lips pale, very real! Who do you think is more realistic, Xun Zhou? More exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章:

Tianjin double orange warning to cool uncle aunt jump less Zombie Dance. thinkpad s230u

Tianjin double orange warning to cool uncle aunt jump less "Zombie Dance" yesterday at 5 in the morning, the Tianjin Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued orange signal warning signal of fog: the next 6 hours, most of the Tianjin area of the fog visibility is less than 500 meters, the local area (Baodi, Wuqing, Beichen, Ninghe and other regions) visibility less than 200 meters. Some people say that the furthest distance in the world is that I hold your hand, but I can’t see your face. These days, the air pollution index in Tianjin is not optimistic, coupled with a significant drop in temperature, in this weather for their clothes, fog and haze as scheduled. In the morning, Tianjin water park, uncle aunt who without fear of severe haze pollution, still in knots jump square dance. Reminder: children, the elderly and patients with heart disease, lung disease, and allergic diseases should stay indoors and stop outdoor activities Just yesterday, North China, Huang Huai and other places was shrouded in haze, fog and haze double warning volley. This is expected tomorrow haze weather will continue, North China, Huang Huai will encounter local severe haze, among them, the most polluted tonight to tomorrow morning, up to the serious pollution. As at 10 o’clock in the morning, Tianjin has released haze yellow warning, fog and heavy pollution weather orange signal warning orange signal warning. Tomorrow, the wind blowing, the air quality will improve. At 2:32 in the afternoon, Tianjin continue to publish haze yellow warning signal is expected tomorrow morning in Tianjin: most areas will appear moderate to severe haze, easy to form severe air pollution.相关的主题文章:

Guangzhou auto show to see what Tencent motor network onlookers red race peepsamurai

Guangzhou auto show to see what? Guangzhou international auto show to Tencent onlookers reticulocyte tournament will be once a year of import and export commodities trading in Chinese in November 18, 2016 will be the venue (Pazhou hall opening). As the domestic auto industry’s ending drama, the major car companies are eager for a fight heavy car ready to come up with a sprint. This year, Tencent will be the main live broadcast, from the media, the network red, the official conference, the exhibition hall and other aspects of the full range of live coverage, covering hundreds of new cars. Want to know what the car exhibition this year, what kind of car is best for you? Then you have to come to watch the Tencent car, car man network red race, which is a file based on the Tencent live broadcast platform to create a blockbuster reality show live contest. Here are the seductive beauty of red net, media since the professional car, live language understand that minute show, choose to help you select the most suitable for your car. Participate in the vote can win a thousand dollars award! Beautiful temperament net red 360 degrees. And live material from the media and network competition red Guangzhou Auto Show (micro-blog) no cars? Tencent to see the beauty of the red car network broadcast live! To say what is the most fire this year, of course, a number of network red and live. This year’s Guangzhou auto show Tencent car to give you all! It is reported that this year, the red car race network will have a lot of high quality beauty network, the whole show for everyone to show 360 degrees no dead. They will drive from all over the country to Guangzhou, along the way for everyone to bring fun along the way. There are a variety of network red daily life picture broke the news, and the driver on the way with the old driver of all kinds of wonderful collision is also full of interest. They will live in the exhibition hall and live with you all day, we can not miss this close to her and one chance. Want to know to come to the room to ask! Hundreds of professionals from the media that the car is full of fun and interesting platform for a full range of live show at the beginning of each year, we are most concerned about what the focus of the new car will be listed? How much will it cost? This car red net tournament online gathered more than and 100 authoritative media from all over the country, including the show related information is reported for the first time, you know, always one step faster than others. It is expected to be full of material! At the same time, there are four professional media team, at least a week in advance to broadcast the show related reports, you have to know the content of the net red tournament event page message to ask questions, they will be the first time for you to answer. Plus, since the media has always been sharp style, professional reviews and commentary that let you down to earth, seconds understand, minutes from the white car turned Montana (micro-blog). Ten tianbai live national automobile style panoramic self driving car route broadcast live in the "Tencent base car live base" slogan, the layers of screening, voting through the national promotion, finally selected four professional team from the media, are "G" a brother run "car" and "Yanzhao" City Express "review". They will start from all over the country starting in November 11th, since the arrival of Guangzhou. Along the way, every day since the media will bring at least 2 more than the show live. The whole process of nearly a hundred live! The way you can enjoy a self driving car culture, understand the customs of the people throughout the country, through their live camera, panoramic view. If you want to know.相关的主题文章: