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Xu Qin led the deployment of the "double check" week of the main venue of the preparatory work of Shenzhen channel — people.com.cn original title: first-class first-class quality standard run "double" week of October 6th is the "double" week of the main venue and the second Shenzhen international record to start the sixth day countdown to the last week, mayor Xu Qin led again the on-site inspection deployment related preparatory work, stressed the need to conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council, to further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, strengthen quality consciousness, carry forward the artisan spirit, to first-class standard, first-class quality and promote the "double" week of the preparation and organization of work, and strive to do a "double" week the characteristics of Shenzhen, Shenzhen. Xu Qin and his party first came to the Shenzhen airport terminal management, on-site inspection and service guarantee work safety. He pointed out that the airport is crowded places, to the safe operation, quality service in the first place, at the same time to further strengthen security measures, meticulous arrangements, and create a strong propaganda atmosphere, meet the event held by the brand-new appearance. In the Gulf of Shenzhen business square, Xu Qin focus on examination of the record off the workshop, arrangements and preparations for the marathon record passenger, the launching ceremony, Chinese and foreign leaders forum focused on creating activities, and creating team field communication, watch interactive presentations, encourage a customer to prepare carefully, using the "double" week a passenger platform, full of Shenzhen style. Xu Qin said the scene booth more from previous successful experience, combined with the actual Shenzhen high quality design, high level construction; in the premise of ensuring safety, pay more attention to the overall visual effect, rich interactive content and highlight the theme, to better reflect the characteristics of Shenzhen, Shenzhen. Subsequently, Xu Qin chaired headquarters meeting, briefed the headquarters, understand the preparatory activities, on-site coordination to solve related problems. Xu Qin said, we work together, the preparatory work has achieved remarkable results, worthy of recognition. From the start in the sprint stage, only 6 days, the relevant units and personnel should attach great importance to the spirit, further done in one vigorous effort, tenacious work style, high quality consciousness, leak filled, high quality and high level to complete the preparatory work. To establish the smooth operation of the communication and coordination mechanism, the leaders rely on headquarters and related units before the command line coordination, discover and solve problems; to strengthen emergency management, to do a comprehensive medical and health, food safety, water supply, communication security, severe weather emergency plan should be equal in all aspects. At the same time, strict safety off, all departments and units should make further investigation and rectification of safety hazards, to ensure strict safety procedures without aliasing, safety standards to ensure the safety of work is not reduced, no danger of anything going wrong. Shenzhen city leaders to participate in the activities of a tiger. (reporter Zhou Yuanchun) (commissioning editor Yuan Liyun and Wang Xing)

许勤带队检查部署全国“双创”活动周主会场筹备工作–深圳频道–人民网 原标题:以一流标准一流质量办好“双创”活动周   10月6日是全国“双创”活动周主会场暨第二届深圳国际创客周启动倒计时的第6天,市长许勤再次带队现场检查部署相关筹备工作,强调要认真贯彻落实党中央、国务院的部署要求,进一步增强责任感和使命感,强化质量意识,发扬工匠精神,以一流标准、一流质量扎实推进“双创”活动周各项筹备和举办工作,努力把“双创”活动周办出深圳特色、深圳水平。   许勤一行首先来到深圳机场航站楼,现场检查安全管理和服务保障工作。他指出,机场等交通枢纽是人员密集场所,要把安全运行、优质服务放在首位,同时要进一步强化保障措施,细致安排,营造浓厚宣传气氛,以崭新的面貌迎接盛会的举办。   在深圳湾创业广场,许勤重点检查了创客工坊、创客马拉松、启动仪式、中外创客领袖座谈会等重点活动的安排与筹备工作,并与创客团队现场交流、观看互动演示,勉励创客们认真做好准备,利用“双创”活动周平台,充分展现深圳创客风采。许勤说,现场展台搭建要更多借鉴往届成功经验,并结合深圳实际高品质设计、高水平建设;要在确保安全的前提下,更加注重整体视觉效果、丰富互动内容和突出展示主题,更好地体现深圳特色、深圳水平。   随后,许勤主持召开指挥部会议,听取各分指挥部汇报,了解活动筹备情况,现场协调解决相关问题。许勤表示,在大家共同努力下,前期筹备工作成效显著,值得肯定。在离活动启动只有6天的冲刺阶段,各有关单位和人员要高度重视,一鼓作气,振奋精神,进一步以顽强的工作作风、更高的质量意识,查漏补缺,高质量、高水平完成筹备工作。要建立运作顺畅的沟通协调机制,各分指挥部和相关单位领导要靠前指挥、一线协调,及时发现和解决问题;要强化应急管理,全面做好医疗卫生、食品安全、供水供电、通讯保障、恶劣天气应对等各方面的应急预案。同时,严把安全生产关,各区各部门各单位要对安全生产隐患进行再排查、再整治,严格保证安全生产程序不走样、安全生产标准不降低,确保安全工作万无一失。   深圳市领导张虎参加活动。(记者 周元春) (责编:袁俪芸、王星)相关的主题文章: