Victory over the horizon crude oil next week, the trend analysis, the median line of $2.4 rebound em-douke

Victory over the horizon: crude oil next week, the trend of the analysis, the central line of the layout of 2.4 U.S. dollars a single empty Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Loneliness is a carnival, carnival is a group of lonely people, trading is Dao, enlightenment, and finally enlightenment process. If you want to get a cake in the market game, you must learn to change the state of mind. Many friends do not make money in the transaction is not due to the pre market plan but the lack of pre planned action. A person down to bear, give up in order to profit, how much heart, the stage is much. Murder is to release, meat is in order to value free, but you definitely not for profit loss were released, but self killing. Pregnant and pregnancy are the same, as long as there are, sooner or later will be seen, it is underappreciated, because the bosom is not big enough. Knowledge is learned, the ability to practice out, the mind is to repair, thinking is the source of power, action is the power of this. — this week, crude oil asphalt plummeted reason analysis crude supply concerns a comeback, coupled with a stronger dollar, the national oil prices continued to decline in crude oil futures prices fell, the United States expanded to 2.44[%], the highest in more than a month low of $42.82 a barrel, Brent crude oil futures price decline to expand to 2.12[%], a new two week low 45.52 U.S. dollars a barrel. 1, Iran’s crude oil exports soared in August to more than five years since the high level of crude oil exports in Iran in August compared with an increase of 15[%] in July to more than 2 million barrels a day, nearly five years ago, Iran was the level of export before the western sanctions. Sanctions against Iran have been released in January this year, strong demand from Asia and Europe and Iran, trying to recapture the previous four years submissively to other oil producing countries in the Middle East market share. So as of this month, Iran’s crude oil production increased to slightly more than 3 million 800 thousand barrels a day, according to the statistical data of the tanker shipment date table, deduction of condensate oil, Iran crude oil exports in August amounted to 2 million 110 thousand barrels a day, about a year ago doubled. In the case of low oil prices, the only way to achieve the maximization of revenue to meet budget requirements in the context of low oil prices is to increase production, we can expect to continue to increase production in Iran. 2, the United States continues to increase with the slowdown in demand, and the global oversupply situation has become increasingly stubborn. The outside world hopes that OPEC can not only freeze production, and may even reduce production. There is an oil producing country that has grown more rapidly than they have in the past five years, and may never join any organization that controls supply. Since 2010, the United States benefited from shale oil production boom, the United States daily crude oil output growth than any other major oil producing countries. The United States currently produces about 2 million 870 thousand barrels of oil a day more than six years ago. Personal view: concerns about the recovery of U.S. crude oil production increased, the market sentiment is empty. 3, Libya, Nigeria oil production resumed Libya National Oil Company相关的主题文章: