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The election results announced today at noon local time at 0:00 on November 8th – the Sohu news just after the election "the first village" voting voters in the U.S. Eastern time at 0:00 on the 8 (8 days 13 when Beijing time) just after the town of Dixville pass New Hampshire voters began to vote, which marks the four years the president of the United States voting began. Most areas of the United States voting activities will be carried out in the eastern United States time on the morning of the 8 day evening to Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump respectively?? as the democratic and Republican candidates in the presidential election. Although the votes will continue for a long time, but basically reflect the election results of the exit poll results are expected in the eastern United States time 8 night (Beijing time at 9 noon). 4 of 6 voters voted for Hilary town of Dixville pass this year a total of 8 voters. Xinhua News Agency reporter saw in the voting site, at 8, over 6 voters turn to the ballot box to vote, a voter not the scene had been through the mail to vote, and one of the residents registered to vote in the voting site, then cast a vote. The voting results show that the final vote, Hilary won 4 votes, Trump won a total of 2 votes. It is worth mentioning that a voter voted for an independent candidate, as well as a voter wrote on the ballot to participate in the 2012 presidential election Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s name. From the beginning of 1960, the town of Dixville pass became the first general election voting polling station, and the New Hampshire town of Hart known as the American election "the first village". According to the constitution of the United States, the United States presidential election of the electoral college system of indirect election. Voters voted for 538 voters on behalf of the United States in and Washington, DC, the District of Columbia. The presidential candidate wins more than half of the electoral votes (at least 270). Two candidate Bailei "swing state" of the U.S. presidential election campaign 7 days into the last day. Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are?? non-stop, more votes. Only 7 days, Hilary trip on more than 3000 km. On the choice of destination, two people are highly "understanding" swing state election stalemate. Hilary 7 early in the morning to the destination – Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Alan,, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina,. The 3 states are on the swing state, Hilary 8, victory is crucial. On the way to the first station of Pittsburgh and second stations of Alan Dyer, Hilary traveled to Pennsylvania to Philadelphia, this campaign is the highlight of the day. Hilary and her husband, former president Bill, attended with the current president of the United States, and his wife, as well as the site of the platform for the president of the president of the United States, also known as the president of the United States and China, and also for the platform of the president of the United states. The last stop was in Rowley, North Carolina, and it was late at night when Hilary arrived. Hilary regarded Latinos, African Americans and young people as the target, while the main focus on the status quo of dissatisfaction with the middle class of Trump. Trump’s 7 day trip has come to Florida and Sarasota, North Carolina)相关的主题文章: