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Broadband-Internet The first part of your planning is to incorporate the 5 C’s landscape research before you start your online business or internet marketing. The 5 C’s are competitors, category, consumers, customers and company (your online company). Do you do this? A lot of online businesses are launched without proper research. Yes, you may succeed even without doing research, but the probability of success is less than 10%. So why not incorporate proper research before launching your online business? This will help to increase the probability of success. Here are the top 5 steps in planning your internet marketing to make money online. Step 1: You need to do research on the 5 C’s. Find out what your competitors are doing, what are their strengths and weaknesses, or if there are any best practices that you can model on. Consumers are the potential online buyers of your products. Find out their likes and dislikes of your category of products. Customers are affiliate programs or joint ventures with others to sell more of your products. What opportunities are there? Category is the niche that you are competing in. What are the rules to win in this niche? Finally, company means your online business. How do you constantly improve vs. competitors out there and new competitors in future? Step 2: Plan your marketing plan and strategies to succeed. Now that you know how your online business will stand in the current environment, the next step is to set goals, and actions to take to achieve those goals. Step 3: Track your progress constantly. This will help you to determine what works, and what do not work. With more experience on internet marketing, you will then learn from your mistakes, and also learn how to allocate your limited resources accordingly for the best results. Strategy is often about choices, as you need to choose the best from the many roads that lead to your goal. Step 4: After every campaign that you run, reassess the results and the decisions that you took. Which decision was good, and which could have been better? What were the resources that were used? Could you have cut costs somewhere to save on resources? Which strategy provided the biggest return on the resources used? Step 5: Regularly do a SWOT analysis as your online business changes, and your environment changes. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Strengths and weaknesses are internal assessments, where you examine your business for ways to improve. Opportunities and threats refer to the environment as the dynamics change. The whole internet marketing game takes time to master, so learn from those who have been there to shorten your learning time, and avoid painful mistakes. About the Author: .ezinearticles../?Top-Five-Steps-in-Planning-Your-Inter.-Marketing-to-Make-Money-Online&id=2519455 相关的主题文章: