The man said parents break up their marriage twice rankle refused to support the Sohu news-darren hayes

The man said parents break up their marriage twice a grudge against the Sohu refused to support JINGWAH news times because no source of income, advanced in age, the son refused to support, Zhang couple paper petition, son to court. The son of Zhang Mou says, parents twice break up their marriage, "there is no work, no money". Yesterday morning, the reporter learned that the Miyun court Moumou Moumou to fulfill the obligation to support the monthly payment of 500 yuan living expenses parents. Zhang and his wife complained that they had four daughters and a son, have marry and settle down. The couple with a son living together in a courtyard, and after the daughter-in-law often due to household chores and other live out angry fights. Since last year, the couple was not good, the body is ill in hospital, has spent nearly million yuan for medical expenses, the son was always indifferent. Zhang couple asked for their living expenses and medical expenses, but his son has refused to pay, the old two had to sue the court. In the process of hearing, Zhang said, because his parents were already divorced two times. The first time after marriage, parents often find fault with the couple quarrel, causing two people to life, eventually divorced. After the second marriage, the wife earned only 400 yuan a month, while her parents let her pay $300 per month. The daughters of the egg, his wife and parents often fight, causing him to divorce again. For alimony, Zhang said, he is now alone, coupled with the experience of the two divorce, I now do not work, no money to bear the cost of living and medical expenses required by their parents". The court held that the support of the elderly is the legal obligation of each child. Zhang and his wife were advanced in age, no source of income, asked his son to perform their duties in accordance with the law. According to Zhang Moumou’s income, the court decided to assume the monthly payment of 500 yuan living expenses of Zhang and his wife, Zhang and his wife’s medical bills by Zhang assume a number of 1/5.相关的主题文章: