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Business On an average, more electronic gadgets like phones, tablets and laptops are damaged as a result of their interaction with water than anything else. For instance, it is not uncommon for people to drop their phones in the toilet or in the shower. Believe it or not, people have also dropped their laptops and tablets in water, or have been victims of rainfall whilst carrying them. There are tons of websites on the internet and people around you, telling you tons of ideas, tips and tricks on how to bring back your gadgets to life. In fact, many companies dealing with tablet repair and laptop repairs also promise you results. But all of it depend on luck and initial actions on recovery. Here is how you can minimize the damage and thereby, increase the chances to salvage them. The first thing is to act quickly and remove as much water as is possible, both from the outside as well as the inside of the electronic gadget. As soon as you recover the gadget, switch it off completely and remove the battery. This is to ensure that the water does not hit the circuit while it is working. People make the mistake of seeing if it is working or not. Do not do that because it will only make things worse. Next would be to find the nearest dry and flat surface and lying it down. The try to remove as many parts as you can, to minimalize the damage. If you have a microchip, a SD card, the battery or anything else, detach it as fast as possible. Next step would be to remove as much water as possible from the outside. For this, you can take a tissue paper or a lint free towel and pat everything down dry aggressively. Make sure you get all the jack points, and any other holes. The most important aspect regarding tablet repair or laptop repairs is drying the circuit, the switches and the internal wiring and making sure that water droplets do not trickle down inside. The simplest way of doing this is by the use of a hair dryer. Put the hair dryer on a gentle mode and keep focusing on your phone. Make sure not to blow too long over the touch screen because prolonged heat exposure can damage it. Keep doing it, between alternative resting periods of 30 seconds. This way, the warm air will be pushed inside the device and dry up remaining droplets of water. To make sure that there is no more water left, collect a large quantity of uncooked rice and place it in a big bowl or a zip lock bag. Then place your gadget completely in it, and make sure that it is completely submerged. This is a household trick, and most people will swear that it works, at least, to a certain extent. You need to leave your cell phone like that for at least two days. Then, after one more day, you can switch it back on. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: