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Suichang landslides 24 hours: more than 2 people braved the rain to rescue 26 people are still lost – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Zhejiang Suichang in September 29, affected by the typhoon, Su Haruki village natural village north of town of Zhejiang city of Lishui province Suichang County on the evening of 28 landslides, some of the houses were buried. According to the Zhejiang provincial government information office, as of 29 at 17:30, disaster 15 people have been out of danger, dug up one of the victims, 26 people are still missing, including 25 people and 1 people to the disaster area to transfer the town cadres. At present, Zhejiang province mobilized two rescue workers, is the scene of intense rescue. Suichang county government announced that the landslide collapse amount of more than 40 cubic meters, resulting in 20 houses were buried. The transfer of a total of more than 1 thousand and 460 people near the hospital, there are people who are being treated in the hospital, there are 10 people. Su Village 37 kilometers from the county seat of Suichang. Video of the scene showed Su village near the village on the hillside suddenly white smoke, then the large mountain began to fall down, screaming constantly, along with many houses were destroyed. 58 year old villager Su Guohong recalled: at that time I was at home, heard a loud noise, to see the stone roll down, the greater the roll. I quickly ran out of the house, too tight, and all the shoes fell on the road." It is understood that since 28, Zhejiang South affected. Lishui 32 towns (streets) are affected to varying degrees, nearly 45 road traffic disruption. Wenzhou, a total of 702 thousand and 800 people were affected, 6 people missing due to mudslides. In Suichang, the face of sudden disaster, as of 29 May 10, Zhejiang provincial government and all sectors of society were put into the rescue force of more than 2200 people, including more than and 400 people involved in the rescue scene, large machinery and professional rescue vehicles more than 180 vehicles, the Civil Affairs Department has 2 batch of relief supplies arrived in the disaster area. The 29 reporters follow Blue Rescue Team in the rain on foot into the lake area in Suichang County of Su Village landslides, leading to the rescue line road has been completely in ruins, flash floods washed away, covered with stones and collapsed houses muddy, even need two temporary wood and fallen trees to build the "bridge", an inattentive a knee high sludge. Pujiang blue rescue team members Du Jin told reporters in the evening of 28, they arrived at the scene at about 11, when the traffic has been interrupted, the players from the other side of the mountain landslide to hike to the core area of rescue. The scene of two landslides, lake water level remains high, serious danger. Rescue teams can only be temporarily evacuated, after the release of the danger to re-enter the core rescue area. "We use life detector, snake search, found 3 people here, now the most urgent task is to find them." Du Jin pointed to a house in ruins, the players of this mountain will no longer leave, they will be stationed at the front line, go all out to rescue. The wounded were also in an orderly manner. As at 2:20 on the 29, Suichang People’s Hospital and Suichang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has received the wounded 10. Reporters learned that the two hospitals have launched emergency plans to open up the green channel, composed of small medical assistance相关的主题文章: