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Business On-pack promotions are great for the consumer because they provide a little something of extra value. A .petition tempts the consumer to buy with the chance of winning a prize whilst a money-off coupon gives an instant benefit of a lower denomination. But do they benefit the brand-owner? Ask yourself this; what do we do when we see a buy-one, get-one free offer on a product you regularly buy? Maybe its the same brand, maybe its an alternative brand. One thing is for sure, if you can afford to do so, youre most likely to stock up and not .e back for more for a good long while. Theres no doubt that this kind of promotion works well for FMCGs and consumer goods and helps product to fly-off the shelf creating a short-term spike in sales. It is also a great way to influence consumers buying behaviour by tempting them to switch brands on that occasion. However, the only real long-term effect this would have is to shift stock and erode profit margins. So what about the value of on-pack promotions? Everyone is looking to get the best deal and ideally, they want a bargain, benefit or promise of a future offer. * SMS text-to-win .petitions are a great way to sell your brand at the full retail price and promote brand values. * Web based .petitions help to drive traffic to your site and gives the chance for the brand-owner to provide details of the benefits and ethics of a brand and perhaps even cross-promote other products within a range. * Coupons and money-off vouchers are even simpler way of attracting consumers to your product and help to encourage repeat purchase. Coupons can be a great way of building brand loyalty and consumer awareness. According to a recent update by Coupon Clearing Bureau, on-pack promotions are top of class when it .es to coupon redemption rates. The report (published in March, 2011) further states that household products, food and toiletries receive the highest redemption rates when it .es to coupon promotions. Return on investment: Whats most important about on-pack promotions is that they allow the brand-owner to measure the success of a promotion and see the return-on-investment. This not only helps to measure the success of an existing campaign but may also be taken into account on the next occasion budget approvals are put forward for a campaign. An on-pack promotional device such as a leaflet labeladds value to a product and may include a variety of information such as unique random numbering for .petitions, pull-out portions such as vouchers and coupons or even an insert such as a trial sachet. Its a .monly stated statistic that around 1/3rd of all purchasing decisions can be influenced in some way whilst in-store. Running an on-pack promotion should be viewed as adding value and not just cost to a product. Produced and measured in the right manner, on-pack promotions can help to boost sales, strengthen brand values and nurture long-term relationships with consumers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: