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Sports-and-Recreation Over at the Mary Kom Academy, where pretenders and contenders both believe that the road to happiness goes through the heavy bag, 5 time women world boxing champion Mary Kom is wrapping up another workout as dinner time nears. A little old and dressed in black, she has sparred five rounds and then done another three with the bag-left, right, feint, dodge, hook, jab-all the while punctuating her punching with the all the grunting at work. This is how every day of MC Mary Kom life goes-up in the cool of the 5 a.m. morning to run, sweating in the gym by late afternoon hours. If she could fight every two or three months, earning good money for the academy was easier. If you are in conversation with this Olympic medalist she says this is the time to be making money as she plans to professionalize more of her training. You know how it is in boxing you just can’t let your time go by. Boxing is her life now, because she thinks this is the year or maybe few more years when she steps up to the big time and proves she can make a wonderful living at this frustrating, exhilarating and dangerous sport. It’s that danger that she wants to discuss about the prospect of getting badly hurt in the ring. On news of hearing fighters die is what concerns a lot to the husband as she is the mother of twins. In Mary Kom academy students are trained 100%, so nothing happens. One thing bad about boxing is getting hit. Nobody wants to get a punch on face, but that’s the risk you have got to take in the sport. In a career span of years MC Mary Kom is confident to retire with his senses intact. It all depends on the fighter’s style. More of a short height boxer, this lady runs, hit and only moves in the ring. Then make the opponent run a lot, its fun to make the other fighter miss. It has less chances of getting hit with a solid punch. That’s why it gets difficult to be knocked down. She has been dazed but never hurt. Boxing has always been the poor man’s sport and very stereotype for people. Yes, ultimately it is about the money and about its twin seductress fame. In boxing, one can make a lot of money, if you’re good at it. By now, Indian boxer Mary Kom knows this, because she is a good fighter. It’s been rough, but ironically she liked it, because it motivates you towards winning and being popular on TV and in the papers seems to be exciting. Fame you get in boxing is exhilarating for Mary Kom. Usually when you take a kid with a bit of schooling, a sheet to sleep under and some food on the table, then there’s something else in life for him. But when you’ve got a kid from Manipur learning boxing, everything does depend on winning. That’s all they’ve got and is all taught by Olympic medalist Mary Kom. When they lose, it’s all over and they know it. So, they have to be willing to take all the punishment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: