New drugs can reduce the patient’s body HIV by 97% is expected to give birth to a new cure for AIDS-mia farrow

Drug HIV can be reduced by 97% in patients with AIDS: expected birth of new therapies source: Science and technology daily according to the British newspaper "independent" reported that Israeli scientists developed a new drug, the patients with the HIV virus in the body is reduced by 97% in 8 days. The researchers said that this achievement is expected to produce a new cure for HIV carriers and AIDS patients, for those suffering from AIDS, the people of hope. The HIV virus attacks a white blood cell called CD4, which uses CD4 to fight diseases such as influenza. HIV viruses use CD4’s internal mechanisms to effectively take over these cells and create more copies of themselves in the human body, a process that could destroy CD4. Once the patient’s blood CD4 cells are less than 200 cubic millimeters, it is possible to deteriorate into aids. According to the "Israel times" reported that the Hebrew University scientists in Jerusalem will contain 10 drugs into the blood of AIDS patients in vitro by several copies of scientists called "active ingredient Gammora" caused the virus DNA (rather than one or two normally), into an infected in CD4 cells, resulting in the destruction of the white blood cells into the "state speeding movement" and self destruction, to spread the virus. Scientists will continue to use Gammora for testing, hoping it will soon be able to kill all infected HIV cells. AIDS patients through the daily use of drugs to suppress the disease, scientists have not found an effective way to cure aids. In 2015, about about 1000000 people died of AIDS worldwide. The researchers said Abraham · Lofter accept Israel two television interview: "can destroy these cells, using our method therefore, no chance to come one day in the wake of virus, because there is no cell, no carrier containing the virus. Without the skin, maojiangyanfu?"相关的主题文章: