Network drama overcapacity upgrade gear footman

Network drama facing overcapacity shifting to upgrade the original title: network drama facing overcapacity upgrading shift to the author: Xia Zhenbin in the future net profit model, in the drama production, cooperation and other aspects will have more options, industry will be more advanced. But no matter how to play, the content is still the key. After three days, when sit up and take notice. Now again, crudely made network drama, could not bear to look, the words I’m afraid trick rolling is not to buckle on its head. Over the past two years, the network drama production is getting better and better, in which the word of mouth is the circle of powder, constantly detonated market. However, network drama looks fast, the whole industry has always worried people. "2016 network drama industry white paper" shows that the year 2016 network homemade drama production is expected to reach 2079 in 7 years, an increase of about 250 times, the whole market has obvious saturation, network drama market have come to upgrade shift "intersection". So, how to shift? How to upgrade? To be sure, the future of the network drama in the production, profit model, and other aspects of cooperation and interaction will have more play, the industry will be more advanced. But no matter how to play, no matter where the broadcast, the content is still the key. While the audience feel good drama is nothing more than that several conditions: the production of sophisticated, full of sincerity, intelligence "online", acting with heart, etc.. Therefore, in the network drama overcapacity in the environment, the first may wish to slow down". In recent years, network drama market is regarded as the "blue ocean", the influx of capital projects, each project, players have to join. In this context, the rapidly expanding market opportunities at the same time, everywhere, everywhere there is a crisis, there was "very careful" to fame, fame and fortune, some big production at large but no echo, even a bubble didn’t take out…… From the health of the industry, the long-term development of the point of view, the pace of the network drama is really a little too fast, might as well slow down, with the quality to meet the industry reshuffle. Secondly, to upgrade sincerity, replace the extensive development routines. Only a short while ago, network drama often vulgar win — from "destroyed three concept" Princess "promotion" to "addictive" bold cross-border theme, many network drama "hardcore addiction", their bold theme, the "edge ball" as a popular magic weapon; and the style is not high, vulgarization, vulgarization tendency is obvious, even in pornography, violence, superstition etc. try to "breakthrough", let a person be struck dumb. From the industry regulatory point of view, these Zoupian Jian Feng "player" in the future will further loss of living space, and in the industry for instant success, luck and so should be replaced by more sincerity. In addition, the drama to upgrade theme and type. "Herd" was once common domestic drama, homemade movies, in fact, network drama is the same, "explosion", a large number of imitators would realize. Through the platform works, although the "commodity", but a high degree of homogeneity, a superb collection of beautiful things, the audience’s choice is not too much, but too little. In this regard, the network drama has big data "help", the audience tastes, preferences and other data will be collected and analyzed, as well based on the types of segments, in the theme, like Wei相关的主题文章: