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More than 70 students from Tsinghua University,, Hongkong, the national education and training courses in the new network, the future of the star – China’s national education and training courses held in the Great Hall of the people, Beijing, 26. The picture shows the Hongkong students are awarded the certificate. China News Agency, Beijing, August 26 (Zhang Xiaoxi) – 2016 stars of the future – China’s national education and training courses, held in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, 26. Yan Junqi, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, attended the ceremony and issued a certificate of completion for more than 70 Hongkong future stars. The course is sponsored by the Grand Duke of Hongkong Wenhui media group, the "future star Alumni Association, Tsinghua University contractors. From Chinese University Hong Kong, Hong Kong University Science & Technology, Hong Kong Polytech University and the The University of British Columbia (Canada) 57 Hong Kong University Students from 17 universities in Hongkong and overseas, as well as Hongkong Kuk Yan Baoling College of 14 students participated in the study tour to visit. In Beijing during the 8 day study tour activities, Macao Affairs Office of the State Council and a number of officials from the Tsinghua University, the famous professor of Hong Kong students teaching, covering the revitalization of the Chinese nation and Chinese development mode, achievements and challenges of economic development in the mainland, "one country two systems" and the international status of Hongkong, Chinese and contemporary foreign policy etc.. 2016 star of the future – China’s national education and training courses held in the Great Hall of the people, Beijing, 26. Awarded the certificate for students in the event. Zhang Baoyang, a student at Chinese University Hong Kong, said on behalf of the students, the national class so that students have a more comprehensive understanding of the motherland, as proud of being chinese. At the same time, he was at the Tsinghua University of the famous Chinese and foreign institutions of higher learning to listen to the famous professors to teach Chinese political, economic social and cultural knowledge, and obtain the certificate of Tsinghua pride. Yan Junqi said at the graduation ceremony, Hongkong and the mainland, and woe be closely related and mutually dependent. Now Hongkong is in a critical period of development, the Chinese nation is on the rise, Chinese moving towards prosperity, democracy, prosperity. Hope that young people can cherish the youth, good study, grasp the course of life, in the development of Hongkong, the development of the motherland, the development of the world, to make their own contribution. I hope this situation can become a new starting point for class graduate students to understand the situation, to further enhance the national identity. A member of the CPPCC National Committee, the chairman, the Duke of Hongkong Wenhui media group "future star Alumni Association presidium Chairman Jiang Zhong said in his speech, the youth is the future of Hongkong, is the future of the country, their ideals and aspirations and the development of our country are inseparable. We hope that they will continue to go deep into the mainland and learn more about the development of the country. They will grow up to be a promising young man who has a commitment to the future of Hongkong. In addition to the Tsinghua University courses, students also visited the Information Office of the State Council, the people’s liberation army barracks, the Great Hall of the people, and a visit to the capital museum, the Imperial Palace, the Great Wall, Shichahai sports school, 798 Art District, etc.. (end)相关的主题文章: