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Careers-Employment A military life and a civilian life are different from each other like chalk and cheese. A military life is bound by strict rules and regulations while a civilian life is more relaxed; a military life is more regimented and there are specific consequences and actions specified in the event of one failing to meet the standards while there is no such regimentation and .pulsion in civilian life. It is natural than that a military man would find it pretty difficult to find employment in a civilian position or a civilian organization. The first step to find employment in a civilian position or a civilian organization is to prepare a military to civilian resume. This is where the trick lies. The skill here is to represent how an individual in military can bring immense values to a civilian organization. Let us take a look at the steps to prepare a military to civilian resume. First, cut out everything that is military. A military to civilian transition resume basically means that an individual who has been with the military for a substantial part of the life is seeking an employment with a civilian organization. This requires that the individual will have to totally adapt to the way of life in a civil organization. The resume must not have a trace of anything that seems military like. The language would be a good point to start with and one will do well to put the corporate tone. Second, focus on what you can do for your potential employer. You may have been with the military but there are certain qualities and skills that are unique to you. The key is to identify the unique skills and capabilities and assess what values can these skills and capabilities bring to the potential employer. The resume should clearly mention the areas where you intend to make contributions. Third, cite specific instances from your career when you have faced problems and have solved the problems by dint of your intelligence, presence of mind and determination. Try to relate the instances to specific job requirements of the job you are applying for in the organization. Fourth, although different, the military and the civilian lives will have certain requirements in .mon like leadership qualities, problem solving abilities, ability to manage people and the ability to manage an .anization or a team with limited resources. You must highlight these areas in the military to civilian resume to indicate that you are the fittest candidate for the job. A military to civilian conversion resume hence is not easy as you will have to convince your potential employer that you are ready for the transition in your career. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: