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Insurance Car insurance groups are the main way insurers determine how much you will pay in insurance premiums. These groups range from one to fifty, with group one typically providing the lowest premiums, and group fifty the highest. So if youre trying to decide on a Ford Fiesta versus an Aston Martin, you can be assured that there will be a massive difference in the amount you pay for insurance for each car. However, many people assume that insurance groups are a hard and fast rule, and that a group nine car, for example, will always be more expensive to insure than a group seven car. This assumption is simply not true. These groupings are meant as a guide for insurance .panies to determine how much of a risk your car is of getting into an accident, but they are certainly not rules. Many other factors will determine how much you pay in insurance premiums. We will look at some of the ways you can reduce those premiums if you currently fall into one of the higher groupings. These suggestions will not only mean you pay less for insurance, but they will also help to make you a better driver. Black Box Many insurance .panies are beginning to offer consumers black box policies. These policies use telemetry technology that can drastically cut the cost of your insurance premiums. With this policy, a black box device (much like the one used in airplanes) will be attached to your vehicle. This device will track your driving behaviour, including speed, acceleration, braking, cornering, and whether you drive during the day or night. This information is then sent to your insurance provider, who then uses it to determine how much of a risk you present to make a claim. If you drive safely and adhere to speed limits, you could see a big reduction in your premiums. Furthermore, some insurers use black box technology to charge different premiums for nighttime driving versus daytime driving, as nighttime driving presents a greater chance of you getting into an accident. Also, because black box technology is GPS-enabled, if your car is stolen, it will be much easier for the police to track and return to you than cars without black box technology. As such, if you have a car that falls into a higher insurance group, a black box policy is an ideal way of proving that you are less of a risk than your cars grouping would otherwise suggest. Safety Features Insurers want to see that you have done everything possible to make sure your car is as safe as it can be. Thus, investing in safety features for your car will help show them that you are at less of a risk for making a claim. Literally dozens of safety features exist which you can choose to have installed on your car, such as an alarm system and immobiliser to reduce your risk of a sudden accident. Glass etching will also lower your premiums, as will a visible Vehicle Identification Numer (VIN). All of these features will improve your cars safety, and thus reduce your premiums. Young Motorists Young motorists usually suffer the highest car insurance premiums since they are statistically at a higher risk for getting into an accident. This extra cost can be particularly frustrating for these young people who feel like they are being penalized without having done anything wrong. For young motorists, there are measures they can take, along with the ones mentioned above, which will help keep their premiums down. First, they can have an experienced driver, such as a parent, added to their insurance policy. By adding an experienced driver, the insurance providers gets the impression that if this experienced driver trusts the young persons driving, then they can too. Also, a Pass Plus qualification will make it much easier for young motorists to find a reasonably priced insurance policy, plus it will help ensure that the driver is driving safely and conscientiously. Car insurance can be expensive if you do not have a vehicle that falls into one of the lower car insurance groups. These groupings, however, should not be looked at as strict rules, but rather flexible guidelines to help insurers determine how much your car should be charged in premiums. As such, you are not beholden to your particular grouping, and by opting for measures that help improve the security of your car and the safety of your driving, you could see your premiums lowered substantially. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: