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UnCategorized More people suffer from back pain than any other pain. I had never experienced back pain until a couple of years ago when I fell down the stairs and suffered some muscle, rib, and vertebrae damage that initially immobilized me for about a week, and then I suffered for 6 months with chronic pain. I assumed that it was all related to soreness, and that it would heal or stop hurting sooner or later. Meanwhile, I continued to invest in pain medication, because taking pain medication was the only way to make it through a work day. As time went by, it seemed I was missing 1-2 days of work each month because I literally had problems getting out of the bed. I was also developing a sensitive stomach with periods of nausea related to heavy use of pain medication. I needed to find a pain free and drug free way to eliminate my back pain, and I decided see a chiropractor for care. My experience is that chiropractic care is not only a quick and painless remedy, it also gives the patient more control in participating in your treatment. In the process, I learned so much about my body and daily activities that can contribute to better health. Causes and cure for mid back pain It was no great mystery what caused my mid back pain, what I did learn was a better understanding of all the little things that make my back pain worse such as standing at work for long periods of time, and being able to identify my habits of poor posture. Mid back pain can occur for so many different reasons. Such pain can be attributed to muscle strains, lifting heavy objects, overexertion, trauma from accidents, sports injuries, and even diet. Chiropractic treatment Chiropractic treatment is a very reliable way to diagnose and treat back pain. The method is pain free without the use of drugs, needles, surgery, and medications. The chiropractor will assess you and determine if you are a good candidate for treatment, then he or she will take x-rays and diagnose the exact source of your pain. Once that source is determined, your chiropractor will begin the adjustment by applying gentle pressure to the areas where the misalignment was discovered. Your chiropractor will utilize a number of therapies as part of your treatment. In addition to spinal manipulation, therapies can include electric stimulation, specific targeted massage, and periodic cold or hot .presses. You will be very involved in your continued therapy, including your chiropractor’s re.mendations for follow up treatment as well as a home exercise regimen. Chiropractic care in Charlotte, NC If you have persistent back pain and reside in the Charlotte area, you have access to some of the premier Chiropractic care. The doctors can help you reduce and eliminate your mid-back pain without the use of drugs or surgery. They are dedicated to the painless resolution for many sources of pain that can improve your overall health. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: