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Home-and-Family We all remember some favorite books that we read as children. These books may have inspired us, taught us new things, or just been funny and entertaining. It is a great idea to share these old favorite books with kids today. But sometimes we always fall back on these same book titles when we want to find things for our own kids to read or give as gifts for friends and family members. While sharing the old classics works for awhile, I also believe we all need to get some new ideas to keep the younger generation entertained and surprised. It is fine to be true to the old favorites, but your live can be richer if you embrace the new. Maybe you can learn something from newer books, even if they were written for kids. Here is a question for you. Did you know that a popular movie was based upon a kids book? Many people just figured that this movie started with a screenplay, but the book came first. No, I am not talking about Harry Potter. The book I am writing about is called Shrek! The book has a different plot than the movie, but the book ogre is just as funny, inspiring, and ugly as the movie ogre! Almost every child has seen a Shrek movie, but I am sure that most of them have not read the book yet. If a young reader has no interest in ogres, please do not fret. There are great new books for kids that cover almost any type of subject. Find everything from historical fiction to suspense to modern kids coping with real life situations. New fiction for young readers covers a wide range of subjects, and you can find books that will amuse, entertain, and educate any child. How can you learn about the best kids books? The inte. can give you a lot of free information. Many great book review sites exist to review and summarize some good selections. Some of the largest online book sellers also include book summaries and reader reviews. These are really helpful because you can find out if other kids and adults enjoyed a book before you buy it yourself. The problem with large online retailers is that they have so many selections that it is difficult to know where to start. A trusted book reviewer, who highlights a selection of books can be very valuable. Many librarians, children’s book authors, or even parents have started book review sites like this. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: