Cypress Systems Non-invasive Gauge Reading Solutions Automate Reading Of Manual Dial Gauges-tinyos

Hardware "Cypress Systems Corp., a subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor Corp., introduced non-invasive wireless gauge reading solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiency in manufacturing and processing plants. The patent-pending Wireless Gauge Reader simply clips on to the front face of an existing gauge in minutes, at less than half the cost of alternative systems. It does not require removing old gauges, breaking pressure seals, performing leak checks, running wires or interrupting the underlying process. The devices transmit readings wirelessly to the Cypress Systems Receiver/Server, which provides real-time graphing and alerts and can also interface with existing automation systems via OPC, SECS/GEM, or BACNet protocols. The solution is targeted at legacy production plants, such as those for Semiconductors, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Food & Beverages, and more. Cypress Systems’ wireless gauge reading solutions address an untapped class of applications that currently require workers to regularly spend time monitoring non-mission critical processes. They automate the gauge reading process, and as a result deliver savings in labor, reduced downtime, and lower consumable use. The systems provide stand-alone software to define and send early warning alarms to pagers or cell phones in the event of excursions, or may seamlessly integrate with existing automation operator stations. This non-invasive approach avoids expensive downtime and the risk of malfunctions when systems are brought back on line. Cypress Systems’ Wireless Gauge Reader uses robust 2.4-GHz signals to transmit data with a range up to 300m. It enables data logging for trend analysis, notification, or statistical process control, and has battery life of two to three years under typical sampling rates. The built-in database stores up to three years of data in typical applications. Its web server allows simple browser access to data from any LAN connected PC, and the device also allows two-way text messaging for sending notification messages as well as on-demand data requests from mobile handsets and PDAs. Open protocol interfaces enable connection to existing automation systems, such as those from Siemens, Emerson, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Wonderware, Brookside, Triant, and others. Wil Chin, ARC Advisory Group, .mented, Workforce reductions are motivating .anizations to increasingly adopt online Plant Asset Management (PAM) solutions. Using the Cypress Wireless Gauge Reader allows real-time distribution of critical asset information to PAM systems enabling the workforce to take proactive action. With millions of installed gauges in manufacturing plants and the relative ease of installing the reader, the market for this device can be huge. " About the Author: 相关的主题文章: