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UnCategorized Crossword heaven search clues and Thomas Joseph crossword are the best way to develop your brain skill when it .e to thinking and practice with vocabulary. Crosswords are very old games and they are existing since the dawn of early modern life. We are thinking creatures this is why we always have to keep our brains busy. This is also the reason why we have developed our lives so much in the recent years. Without the skills of the brain we would have been just like any other animal on earth. Crossword heaven search clues and Thomas Joseph crossword became so widely known from the newspapers they where published but today we can find them on the internet and millions of them. While these games can give you hours of fun and amusements it also creates a problem. Today everyone can find easy answers on the internet and in this way you can solve a crossword in just five minutes and there are special websites that will do the hard work for you. So now we created .puters that think instead of us. This might create a problem because in this way we will not develop our skills and in the end the machines will be smarter then us. We will be so depended on them that it can also put our life at risk. Through the history knowledge has always been part of few people. The major population didnt knew all about this psychic mystery on the world and only the once who knew the secrets controlled everyone. And today it might be the same situation; we will be controlled but the people who made these .puters. So if we enslave ourselves to technology always remember that someone has invented it before. Crossword heaven search clues and Thomas Joseph crossword is our way to gain this control back to our lives. We have to keep train our brain and save the level of skill so we will be able to continue develop the human kind. When it .es to technology there are many risks involved but the most dangerous one is to go backward to the middle ages and not to develop ourselves. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: