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.puters-and-Technology Technological innovations have given rise to demands from the customers for better and efficient applications available anytime anywhere. For the large business houses it may be possible to meet these ever-changing demands of the customers and invest in world-class infrastructure. However, for the small and medium enterprises, this is a farfetched dream. Organizations in their attempt to sustain in the business environment have worked out solutions to face the .petitive world. To be well equipped with the latest world-class infrastructure and the best of the software, organizations have collaborated with IT service leaders to draw on their facility of managed servers. However, these service providers with their data centers established at various locations offer application hosting services, which can be available throughout the various offices and end-users across the corporate network. Further, these data center service providers in their attempt to provide cost effective solutions to their clientele also offer colocation hosting services wherein the clientele can collocate their dedicated and managed servers in the data centres. Such effort on the part of the IT service providers facilitates the green IT movement. By catering for colocating servers or hosting applications on the managed servers, these service providers offer the client organizations with a number of IT support services and paves way for a green IT. As technology pushes forward with its innovations, the IT service providers are ready to face the world with the cloud .puting technology. This is a new concept, which has taken birth in the techno-savvy generation. Cloud .puting in the laymans terms is the delivery of .puting services with the help of shared resources, software and information provided over the network. Cloud .puting rests on the foundation of shared services, which provides the end-users access to the cloud, based applications stored in centralized servers. Such data center environment exhibits a number of features that prove beneficial for the end-user. This technology empowers the end users by providing the control over the .puting resources used by them from the centralized repository. Further, the agility of usage improves with the re-provision of infrastructure by the end-user. Being location and device independent, reduces the capital expenditure for organization and facilitating more of operational expenditure The leading IT service providers offer their clientele well-designed cloud .puting services which is not only scalable, but is also rated for its high performance and increased data security. Besides, these services are highly reliable in case of disaster recovery ensuring business continuity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: