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Health A blender is one of the most .mon kitchen appliances of today. Used for variety of purposes such as mixing and crushing oils, emulsifying mixtures, reducing small solids into powders and into liquids; a blender should be chosen with care. Typically blenders consist of housing, a motor, blades and a food container. The power of a blender depends mostly on the capacity of the electric motor and the types of blades. With different brands of blenders available on the market today, it is natural to be confused to choose from. Even the price tags vary widely between $21 and $999.95. The market pioneer is, however, the Blendtec blenders. Founded by Tom Dickson, the .pany specializes in professional and home blenders. But the perhaps one of the most popular products of Blendtec blenders is the 3 HP ones. If you want to buy a blender smoothie for home or .mercial use, you need one that is able to put up with your rough use day after day. Blendtec is just the product for you if you are up to that. With the most powerful 3 HP, 1500 watt direct drive motor on the market, Blendtec blender is chosen by professionals! The blender uses 6 programmed blending settings, with pulse, speed-up, and speed-down, Digital touch-pad controls, auto shut-off features and is equipped with a three year warranty. The most .mon challenge that a blender faces is whether it is up to the hard use that it would be treated with or not. While most blenders can not face the challenge, a Blendtec blender is just made for it. The robust structure of Blendtec allows it to put up with low maintenance and poor conditioning. It is the most re.mended brand of blenders for home and professional use. The advantageous features by Blendtec blenders are too many to list. Below are only a little provided: As it is so powerful, Blendtec is able to handle any raw foods. You can put anything ( for example: potatoes, carrots anything) and you do not have to worry about jamming. Even making your own flour is allowed when you posses a Blendtec. Just pouring the grain in will do the trick. Making mixtures are never easier than a Blendtec. It will automatically adjust between slow and fast speed to get your mixture right. So what does high performance mean? It means that they have the capacity to take out more nutrients out of the selected ingredients and thus providing a greater benefit to the consumer. There are different types of models available to match your needs. For example, some model is ideal for small-scale catering business or juice and smoothie bar outlets, while the others are for small and medium scale catering outlets. So if you want a blender that is reliable, powerful and fun to operate, Blendtec is the brand for you! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: