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Travel-and-Leisure Calcutta is the former capital of India. It is rich in history and culture, and makes for a very fruitful vacation. Calcutta is the former capital of India. It is rich in history and culture, and makes for a very fruitful vacation. Calcutta is the former name of Kolkata. It is often referred to as Kolkata, to pertain to the whole city including the suburbs. It is the capital of West Bengals Indian State. This city is located in the eastern part of India along the banks of the Hooghly River. The population is more than 15 million which makes it the 3rd largest city in India. The large population also earned for it the label urban agglomeration. Calcutta is also the 14th largest metropolitan area in the world. Calcutta is the capital of India during the reign of Raj the British in 1911. The city is also Indias center of modern industry, education, culture and science as well as politics. Due to its vast history, Calcutta witnessed a lot of intense clashes, economic stagnation and political violence since the 1950s. After half a century however, a life-changing economic rejuvenation had resulted in Calcuttas growth and development. Like most other Indian cities, Calcutta still continues to struggle with urbanization problems including pollution, traffic congestion and poverty. The city is noted for its very interesting history that ranges from the Trade Union Movements to the Indian Struggle for Independence. The revolutionary scheme of their history garnered them fame and respect around the world. Furthermore, Calcutta is noted by some as a source of inspiration from other countries. There are many versions on how the citys name was derived. The anglicized name of Calcutta and the other name Kolkata both .e from the root word Kalikata, the name of one of the villages within the area before the British colony. The other two villages were Govindapur and Sutanuti. Kalikata was then believed as the version of the goddess Kalis land or in local terms, Kalikshetra. On the other hand, the name of this city may be derived from the term kilkila, a Bengali term meaning flat area. More so, the name may have been also derived from the indigenous word or term khal meaning natural canal. This is followed by the term Katta which means to dig or the past tense dug. The name of this city is pronounced as Kalkota, following the Bengali language. It was changed in 2001 to Calcutta, making it the official English name. Some people see this move as a step to eradicate the legacy of the British. However, the necessary name change had made the overseas media had not reflected this change. The city of Calcutta is widely known for it artistic, revolutionary and literary heritage. Since Calcutta was the former capital city of India, it is the birthplace of modern artistic thought and Indian literature. The people who live in this city always possess a special participation and appreciation for literature and the arts. It is in fact a tradition for new talents. As a result, it has gained popularity as the city with a furious and creative energy. A special characteristic for those who live in this city is their strong sense of .munity among its neighbors. This act of kindness and strong bond is locally called para. Usually, each para has its own .munity clubs .plete with a playing field and clubroom. Calcutta presently is a very industrialized city already. It is the center of business, .mercial and financial trade in eastern India. It has a very .petitive tourism industry that in fact it is the only city in the region with an international airport. Part of Calcuttas modern fame is attributed to Mother Teresa, a Catholic nun who became famous all over the world because of her charitable deeds. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: