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Hardware The Acer Iconia packs its dual screens into an unassuming package. The thick, heavy chassis has a light bronze lid with black accents, and is not nearly as sleek as this week’s other high-end laptop, the Samsung Series 9. Boxy to a fault, we can only imagine the engineering required to fit the two 14-inch displays in safely. The Iconia feels sturdy enough, but it’s also too heavy and bulky to easily tote around. Flipping the clamshell open, it’s almost like looking at two iPads joined together at the center hinge. Both screens have glossy edge-to-edge glass with black bezels and no other buttons, controls, or accessories (except for a tiny pinhole-style Webcam above the top screen). The hinge folds all the way to 180 degrees, so both screens can lie flat against the table, although that does block the bottom-mounted speakers. From our experience, there’s no difference between the two displays ACER Iconia 6120 Battery , but only the bottom one uses a 10-finger input gesture to pop up the onscreen keyboard. To get to that keyboard, either touch all10 fingers lightly on the bottom screen, rest your palms on where the palm-rest would normally be, or hit the dedicated physical keyboard button located on the side of the left hinge. The pop-up keyboard that results is similar to what you’d see on a horizontal iPad, but it is bigger, with generous letter keys and large Enter, Shift, and arrow keys. A few customization options are available, including larger or smaller F-keys and the overall key pitch. It will never be as intuitive as typing on a physical keyboard, but with a little practice, we found it to be about as easy as an iPad keyboard, which is to say that it works for basic interactions and writing blocks of text up to about 500 words. There’s an audio cue for typing that clicks with each keystroke if you turn it on, but there is nothing resembling haptic feedback, which would be very useful in this situation. While the keyboard doesn’t autocorrect or autoformat on the fly like the iPad does, there is a "smart input" feature, which behaves like T9 predictive text–but it was incredibly annoying to use ACER Iconia 6886 Battery , literally covering up whatever you’re typing with a huge list of possible words. We quickly turned it back off. The virtual touch pad that sits underneath the virtual keyboard also could have been better. It functions well for controlling the cursor on the top screen, but lacks multitouch gestures, and is surprisingly small. You’d think with a software-driven virtual touch pad, it could be as big as you wanted. The top screen allows for Windows tablet gestures, such as swiping down as a page-down .mand, but it’s not as smooth as the tap-and-drag controls on an iPad (which is the large touch surface the Iconia is most likely to be .pared to). And not the pursuit of high frequency of different CPU, notebook .puter hard drives and memory size, I think it should make a large quantity. Generally speaking, hard disk capacity should be no less than 15GB, but the memory should not be less than 128MB; current mainstream notebook hard disk capacity should be around 20 ~ 40GB of memory is not less than 256MB. Also in buying a laptop should be aware of when your laptop upgrade and expansion capabilities, whether there is surplus of memory slots, CPU can upgrade, how much hard drives maximum support for future upgrades or expansion of .puter hardware do preparation. the volume to be light weight The reason why popular notebook .puter, a very important reason is its portability. More outside business notebook, presentation, etc. when used. So I do not re.mend you buy a laptop too much. Best choice in the 2KG below the thin Guangruanhuhuan appropriate. the battery performance of attention tests Batteries used in notebook .puters are two kinds of nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium batteries. Ni-MH batteries are cheap, but there is memory effect, and in the same capacity under the weight ratio of a large number of lithium batteries, and lithium ACER AS09B35 Battery basically no memory effect, and light weight, power supply for a long time, has be.e a standard notebook .puter batteries . When we are buying a laptop not only pay attention to the type of battery, but also should pay attention to the battery capacity and the actual use of time, the general capacity to 3000 mAh or more, the best use of time in about 3 hours in order to meet our daily outdoor activities needs. Currently, the laptop battery is generally 3000mAh to 4500mAh, there are very few with 6000mAh, and the higher the value, use the same configuration longer. With that in mind, Acer has still done a decent job of crafting a touch-control ecosystem within the limitations of the tablet support built into Windows 7. Tapping with five fingers on the bottom screen brings up a jog wheel that launches touch-friendly photo and video apps, a social media aggregator, as well as a two-screen custom Web browser and access to some systems tools, including power options and the capability to turn off the backlight for either screen. The bundled software seems well made, but the learning curve for using these proprietary apps instead of the standard apps and Web sites most of us already use make us unlikely to use them regularly. Both 14-inch displays have a 1,366×768-pixel native resolution, which is what we’d expect on a midsize laptop such as this GATEWAY AS09B3E Battery . The top screen seemed brighter to us, perhaps because the lower screen has an additional Gorilla Glass protective coating–not that it prevented either screen from being a fingerprint mag.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: