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Legal Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy is a potentially deadly disease of the brain, characterized by the destruction of myelin a substance that covers nerve cells and allows them to send signals to the rest of the body. The disease is caused by the JC virus which affects almost exclusively immunosuppressed individuals. Medical information PML is caused by the reactivation of JC virus present in the majority of adults. However as many as 90% of healthy individuals have antibodies to the virus, meaning that it cannot activate. Only persons with .promised immune systems are at risk. A study recently made in the United States revealed that 82% of PML cases were associated with HIV infection. However, only 4% of the infected patients developed PML. The rest of the patients who developed PML suffered from multiple sclerosis, leukemia, cancer or underwent organ transplants. They were all treated with immunosuppressive medications. PML symptoms are varies depending on the areas of the brain that have been affected. They include motor, cognitive, speech, visual and behavior impairments. The symptoms evolve over several weeks and they either worsen or affect larger areas. The best possible treatment against the disease is to reactivate a patients immune system. Highly active antiretroviral therapy managed to increase the one year survival rate up to 50% among patients infected with HIV. However, even if the development of the disease is stopped, the affected areas of the brain cannot be regenerated, meaning that patients will suffer permanent neurological injuries. Legal advice If a person was diagnosed with PML without being infected with HIV there is a large possibility that his disease was caused by immunosuppressive medications. If that is the case he might be eligible for legal .pensations. In order to have a valid claim that person will have to prove that he was prescribed with a treatment without receiving proper warnings about side effects, and as a result of that he contacted a potentially deadly disease. Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy lawsuits are filed by injured individuals or their families across the country. They are legally entitled to .pensations that should cover the costs of medical treatment and care, pain and suffering and other costs related to their disease. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: