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Latest Fedora Linux operating system desktop Linux Linux distributor Red Hat the most prestigious in the industry recently announced to stop the development of new desktop Linux, development focused on Enterprise Services On the development of. RedHat 9 prior’s technical support will be discontinued in 2004. But RedHat has launched a new open source project, This project called Fedora will continue development of new desktop Linux, Fedora currently code named Yarrow had been introduced the first desktop Linux Release. I have recently downloaded this version. After a period of use, did feel efforts Fedora Linux on the desktop and Innovation. Talk about the author below during the installation and use of several points. , Fedora installed closer to the user Fedora Core 1 3 install CD, I choose a full installation, a total of 5251M. the installation interface is similar to the process in RedHat. of course, Fedora Installation made some in the author’s view is more human-centered improvements, such as: 1.Fedora the entire installation process into two parts I noted that the Fedora installation process as a whole is divided into two parts, the first part is the partition, copy the selected package, install until you restart, then after reboot Some configurations, systems can be used directly after the configuration is .pleted. Place the configuration process to the basic system and restart after the installation is .plete, which is similar to the Windows, and this change just move from Windows to Linux on the user, is undoubtedly more friendly. 2. firewall settings easier to understand Than the previous Red Hat Fedora firewall settings screen was more concise and understandable, now simply set the firewall to open or close. Unlike the previous RedHat firewall settings are divided into "High", "Medium", "No firewall" third gear, such as forbidding the. 3. prompt you which will be used a few disc Fedora has officially begun when you copy a file you will be prompted to what disc, let users do have. Although this is a small change, but People feel as open source projects the difference between Fedora and Red Hat of businesses in the past, Fedora users feel more taken into account. Fedora installation also adds some useful features, such as: 1. the screenshot feature In the graphical installation time, as long as you press the "SHIFT" and "PrintScreen" key, you can screenshot your current installation screen, from Pictures are saved in the/root/Anaconda-screenshots/directory, this is ideal for those who want to write to is very useful, for I , They can not in Vmware screenshots. 2. .mencement of support through VNC installation Fedora supports features installed by VNC. This is meaningful for remote installation, even though I have not been trying to, but can support-pass VNC installation really is an important feature of the Fedora Installer released. 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