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Business Sonic The Hedgehog has been a favorite game for generations of gamers. Ever since its first release on the no scrapped Sega gaming console, it has dominated the market as one of the timeless classics in the side scrolling or platformer type games. When the game was first released, it introduced a lot of new features in to the genre and they put together form part of the reason why the game is so very popular even now. The other reason behind its success is the fact that it is an ingenious game that has no rivals. The original Sonic the Hedgehog game was the only one of its kind. Meant to give serious .petition to the other famous platformers like Mario, not only did it succeed in achieving that goal, it went on to be.e of the most played games in its genre. The game’s main character, Sonic the hedgehog, also became an overnight superstar and soon starred in his own animated series and .ic books. Sonic himself is also part of this phenomenal success. His speed, his quirky character (who ever has heard of a blue hedgehog!) and his absolutely lovable friends make him a winner of a main character for a game. Character loyalty is often the main reason why sequels continue to sell. But with the Sonic series of games, Sega actually made things better in the sequels by adding features like the spindash and also enhancing the game and the storyline as much as possible. The gameplay is actually at the core of the addictive nature of the game. If it had not enticed players with its gameplay, it would’ve be.e another one of the many forgotten games made and released by Sega. Sonic The Hedgehog is a game that lives up to the theme that the main character propagates and that is speed. The main talk around Sonic is that he can move faster than sound itself. So if the game did not reflect that, it would’ve been just a gimmick. But the game utilizes the concept brilliantly and speed is central to the entire game. You will realize as you play it that Sonic actually cannot move uphill without building up momentum first. But when he does move, there is little that can stop him. Solid walls and spikes do it quite well though. The rings in the game are another fun part. You can collect them just as you collect coins in the Mario world. But the rings do a lot more than just give you points and extra life. They protect Sonic from hits by scattering all over the place. In certain cases, you can actually recollect them. And the speed also does not mean that accuracy can be done without. Sonic needs to speed up, slow down and stop at very strategic locations to successfully finish an ‘act’. All of this put together makes the game very fun to play yet challenging to play. And well all know by now that this is the one .bo that will always hook the gamers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: