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VOIP They are eager to engage their customers positively. The tele.munication industry has millions of mobile as well as landline telephone users today who expect quality services from their service providers. To stand out as a brand in the market .panies need to constantly connect with their customers/clients via multiple channels and needs to engage them in such a way that they be.e their loyal advocates. Exceptional customer service can be provided through technologically advanced tools or software that has the expertise to reach out to customers to answer their queries, for .plaint registration, send them payment reminders and provide value added services. Software features that would make .munication effective: A highly efficient CTI (.puter Telephony Integration) that uses the .puter to manage telephone calls and also ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) that distributes in.ing calls to specific agent based on customer need, type etc using the CTI. A multi-level self-service high performance robust and scalable IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system which works on various leading hardware. It should be able to handle both simple and .plex IVR integration with any third party database, having the option for TTS and speech recognition. A powerful lead Management tool for automatic outbound dialing which provides predictive and progressive call centre solution. This tool helps the tele.munication .pany manage customer .plaint effectively. It has a single point for identification of problem reported and their resolution too; at the same time streamline processes and also helps in improving the efficiency of their employees. A software through which the agent and the customer can interact in a variety of ways like video, voice, chat, SMS and social media that can be stored as history. This would save customers from repeating previous interaction. The software has to be .patible with any Telephony API .pliant PBX, IP-PBX and Asterisk which would protect the expensive telephonic equipment of the enterprise. Benefits of Using Call Center Software: Tele.munication .panies should use call center software for a differentiated customer experience and a customer experience platform in order to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. It should enable mobile application to deliver a coordinated customer experience across various channels as well as provide alternatives to customers who are unable to handle web transaction and assist them proactively. Through the software, their customers can be notified about their payments as well as be well informed about the promotional offers extended by the .pany. They can also launch a proactive notification which would take customer satisfaction survey, service outrages notification, fraud alerts to their and appointment confirmation to their employees. Proactive .munication will not only strengthen relationship but also drive in revenue into the .pany. .panies can use this software for their back office efficiency. Back office productivity leads to customers satisfaction as well as revenue generation too. Back office optimization is an essential .ponent of omni channel customer experience. So tele.munication industries use this software for better workforce optimization there by achieving customer satisfaction. About the Author: By: sinuse – PBX & VOIP Systems Orlando- With its efficient call forwarding feature, calls to main business numbers can be forwarded to your alternate phone numbers including residential landlines and cell phones. By: Ryan Rajpoot – We all know about Google Voice, a VoIP client that offer free calls to USA and Canada, number portability, cheap international calls, free text sms, Voice mail, etc. At present this service is only available in USA and Canada. 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