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Automobiles The word Tata is equivalent to excellence, innovation, leadership and .munity service. Tata group has done more to India than any other group has done to any other country in the world. It is not an exaggeration. From the very modest beginnings, Tata has always given the best to the nation. Tata is a name so synonymous that every Indian uses a minimum of one product by Tata Group in a direct or indirect way. Tatas have always been entrepreneurial and have focused on wealth-creation with a .munity-sense. Tata has done great service to India in many ways from salt to export quality trucks. Tatas started a journey that has changed Indian landscape and set a path-breaking example of leadership with trust. This trust and ethical governance has made Tata a role model to emulate. What the Tata started was a parallel effort to Indian Freedom struggle movement. It was a methodology to make India excel. Just freedom will not make a country move forward but excellence in education, economy and industry will. Tata has done exactly that. Founded as a textile trader more than a century ago, the Tata Group now holds enough .panies to blanket India. Indias largest industrial conglomerate, Tata runs more than 80 .panies in several sectors. Two of its largest operations are steel making and vehicle manufacturing. The industrial presence of Tata is inimitable in the entire world. Without the vision of starting the Consultancy wing, the concept of IT would not have reached India that early and surely. Tata group has given the best institutions to the country. Lot of exceptional individuals, CEOs, Scientists, researchers, Administrators are the products of these exceptional institutions. Integrity and strong business ethic is also forte of this great organization. Leadership with Trust is their motto and they live by it. The Tata Code of Conduct is a classy illustration in imbibing good thoughts in the minds of the individuals. There can be many big organizations in the world but there can be only one Tata group; a group that is unparalleled and stands as tall as the Mount Everest. Tata Group indeed leads with trust. The services to India by the Tata Group are simply awe-inspiring. The Tata enterprises, which en.pass vast holdings in iron and steel, motor vehicles, power utilities, financial services, .puter software, chemicals, textiles, and tele.munications, were founded by JRD Tata, a great Icon of India. Today the Tata Group is India’s largest business group and multinational .pany which operate in more than 85 countries. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: