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Health Cardiology and radiology departments, small medical clinics, and imaging centers now have the opportunity to switch from film imaging to digital imaging. Changing over to digital means a tremendous decrease in storage space needed for paper patient files, as well as ease of archiving and retrieving patient data. Making the switch is easy to do with PACS software. Medical offices that also utilize ris pacs discover the benefits that .e from a digital patient information system. Cardiology PACS refers to a .puter picture archiving and .munication system in a cardiology setting. The cardiology department can use the PACS software to save patient images as digital image files, which can be easily stored and retrieved as needed. Radiology PACS function in a similar manner. One of the benefits that .es from using a pacs system is that the digital images can be manipulated on the .puter in order to enhance and enlarge details in the images for improved diagnosis and monitoring of patient health. Because the pacs system is .patible across platforms, the digital images created can be read using Windows, MacOS or Linux. Both cardiology PACS and radiology PACS can be customized to meet your specific medical office’s needs at an affordable price. A pacs system has the ability to read images in multiple modalities. Converting x-rays, mammograms, MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds and other film images to digital ones is .pleted by using the pacs system software on your office clinical workstation. Web-based pacs can be used to quickly disseminate patient information to those doctors and medical technicians who require it. Ris pacs is another system used to digitize patient information. Not only can your clinical workstation be used for converting, viewing, retrieving and sending patient images, but it can also be used to manage patient data and scheduling. Some radiology information systems .e with dictation and transcription capabilities. SSL encryption is also offered and means that patient information is kept safe online. Patient registration, document management, multiple procedure scheduling and report delivery is fast and easy when using RIS. Although all of this work was once done by hand, by utilizing the speed of personal .puters, the work flow in even small medical clinics is maximized and patient wait times can be reduced. You can achieve a fully digitized system by .bining clinical workstations to diagnostic monitors, 3D viewers for reading volumetric data, mammography viewers, PET and CT viewers, web-based viewers, routers, .works, servers and printers for the ultimate in connectivity, cost effectiveness and better patient care. All of this rests on the foundation provided by the pacs system. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: