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Exercise A lot of guys think that the ultimate how to build muscle fast workout relies on lifting 4 and 5 days a week and forces them to spend tons of hours in the gym. We all feel that the harder we push it in the gym, then the bigger we’ll get. If we’re not pushing it hard enough, we simply won’t make any advances. While, true, you do have to push yourself when working out, we all have taken it to the extreme. If you could get big by just lifting a lot, we’d all be pretty huge by now. But muscle isn’t made when we’re working out; it’s made when we’re resting. It takes huge amounts of calories for muscles to grow larger and stronger, but unfortunately for us, they don’t have any. Why? Because we spend way to much dang time working out! All of our muscle growing calories are going to our muscles while they’re working out as well as our central nervous system. Nothings left over for our muscles to grow! The best how to build muscle fast workout focuses on the fact that rest, not lifting, allows muscles to get larger. As such, you should be spending no more than three days a week lifting and you shouldn’t be lifting for anymore than 10 reps. The former forces two things: 1.) You obviously spend less time in the gym and that gives your muscles more time to rest and get more calories 2.) When you lift anymore than 10 reps, you activate your slow twitch muscle fibers, which have about 0% growth potential. 10 reps means only your fast twitch fibers are targeted, meaning maximum growth potential Lastly, a good how to build muscle fast workout involves many .pound movements: dead lifts, squats, military presses, etc. These activate the most amounts of muscle at one time, releasing tons of testosterone and growth hormone. Also, since so many muscles are targeted at once, you can spend less time working out and maximize your growth About the Author: 相关的主题文章: