Rest In Changing Effort-步步高i606

Self-Improvement Are we workaholics because we love our work or the change that it brings? Are we able to keep our personal, family and career issues in perspective as well as the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life? What about our financial life? Are not buoyant spirits like water sparkling when it runs? " I have found my greatest happiness in labor," said Gladstone. "I early formed a habit of industry, and it has been its own reward. The young are apt to think that rest means a cessation from all effort, but I have found the most perfect rest is in changing effort. If brain-weary over books and study, go out into the blessed sunlight and the pure air, and give heartfelt exercise to the body. The brain will soon be.e calm and rested. The efforts of Nature are ceaseless. Even in our sleep the heart throbs on. I try to live close to Nature, and to imitate her in my labors. The .pensation is sound sleep, a wholesome digestion, and powers that are kept at their best; and this, I take it, is the chief reward of industry." "Owing to ingrained habits," said Horace Mann, "work has always been to me what water is to a fish. I have wondered a thousand times to hear people say, ‘I don’t like this business,’ or ‘I wish I could exchange it for that;’ for with me, when I have had anything to do, I do not remember ever to have demurred, but have always set about it like a fatalist, and it was as sure to be done as the sun was to set." In order to change our lives for the better,we can maintain a balanced life by planning our whole life. Half of our time will be spent just taking care of our physical needs, including sleep. We need to allow for time preparing to go to bed and preparing for work the next morning. We need to allow for time to shop, cook and eat. Exercise must also be factored in to keep our bodies healthy. Our business productivity can be doubled by planning our tasks for the day. Our spiritual life should be a top priority. We can start our day with positive affirmations that create passion. In turn, Passion moves our business forward faster and more effectively. We also should set certain hours to work to get into the habit of successfully making the most of our day. Our family is much happier with us when they know that we have also set aside time for them. A lack of .anization and priorities can cause a problem with those that we love. Relaxing mealtimes can be a peaceful time to listen to and encourage each other on a daily basis. Our lives will not always be balanced. Sometimes, circumstances require that we temporarily go off track. By deciding what is really important to us, we can prioritize our schedules. There are times when we need to change our direction in order to change our lives. Submitted by Amelia Johnson About the Author: 相关的主题文章: