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Just come back and hurt Wenger disciple 6 weeks became number one enemy of thigh prey – the Sohu sports   Sanchez became the number one Chelsea this summer prey last weekend’s FA Cup fourth round at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal beat Burnley 2-1 successful promotion, continued toward the three consecutive launch impact dream. In this game, a long absence due to injury Rosicky is Arsenal included in the list, and will replace iwobi debut in the first 71 minutes, the first time this season the first team debut race, after which he since last August 20, 5 or 2014 15 Premier League season, the 37 Arsenal home court for the first time get the opportunity to play a 0-0 draw with sunderland. Surprisingly, Rosicky has just come back and got injured, the British media mirror news said, after the continued groin injury because he can not play, and now a thigh muscle strain. In the game against Burnley, Rosicky off the bench and kick to the end of the game, after the game he said thigh muscle discomfort, the club immediately gave him a scan, the final confirmation is a thigh muscle tear. British media Mirror newspaper revealed that Rosicky, who was injured again, will be suspended for 6 weeks! The 36 year old Rosicky is Arsenal coach Wenger love, since the transfer from Dortmund in 2006, the Czech star played 246 times on behalf of the Gunners, scored 28 goals, assists 22 times. In recent years, Rosicky on behalf of the Arsenal appearances and scanty, injured a lot, in spite of this, Gunners boss Wenger was against all the odds a contract with him, let him stay in the team. Like Rosicky, Burnley game. A Senna shot "thigh" Sanchez also recently come out from injury, home court last weekend A Senna lost 0-1 to Chelsea in the game, the Chilean star substitute in the second half, completed since November 29th last year the first game. The British media disclosure of "mirror", Sanchez is likely to join Chelsea this summer, the newspaper pointed out that once the former Chile coach sampaoli picked up the pointer, then Arsenal will become the top target of Abu’s thigh. Since his transfer from Barcelona to Arsenal at the price of 35 million pounds in the summer of 2014, Sanchez has been playing the role of gunners thigh, scoring 35 goals and 19 assists in 74 appearances. (litter) 温格爱徒刚复出又伤6周 大腿竟成死敌头号猎物-搜狐体育  桑切斯成为切尔西今夏头号猎物   上周末足总杯第四轮,坐镇酋长球场的阿森纳2-1击败伯恩利顺利晋级,继续朝着三连冠梦想发起冲击。本场比赛,因伤长期缺阵的罗西基被阿森纳主帅温格列进大名单,并在第71分钟顶替小将伊沃比登场,完成了本赛季第一次一线队正赛亮相,这也是他自去年5月20日、也就是2014 15赛季英超联赛第37轮阿森纳主场0-0战平桑德兰之后首次获得出场机会。令人吃惊的是,罗西基刚复出又受伤了,英国媒体《镜报》消息称,此前持续因腹股沟伤势无法出战的他,如今又大腿肌肉拉伤。   在对阵伯恩利的比赛中,罗西基替补登场并踢到比赛结束,赛后他表示大腿肌肉不适,俱乐部随即给他安排了扫描,最终确认是大腿肌肉撕裂。英国媒体《镜报》披露,再度受伤的罗西基将休战6周!现年36岁的罗西基是阿森纳主帅温格爱将,自2006年从多特蒙德转会以来,捷克球星代表枪手出战246次,打入28球助攻22次。近年来,罗西基代表阿森纳出场次数寥寥无几,而且受伤颇多,尽管如此,枪手主帅温格还是力排众议一次又一次与他续约,让他继续留在队内。   与罗西基一样,对阵伯恩利比赛中贡献传射的阿森纳“大腿”桑切斯也是最近从伤病中走出,上周末阿森纳主场0-1负于切尔西的比赛中,智利球星下半场替补出场,完成了自去年11月29日以来首场比赛。英国媒体《镜报》披露,桑切斯有可能今夏加盟切尔西,该报指出,一旦前智利主帅桑保利拿起蓝军的教鞭,那么阿森纳大腿将成为阿布的顶级目标。自2014年夏天以3500万英镑的价格从巴塞罗那转会至阿森纳以来,桑切斯一直扮演着枪手大腿的角色,出场74次打入35球助攻19次。   (小托)相关的主题文章: