Zhejiang German female student night to offer Wenzhou panda blood Chinese named Gao Xiongmao (Figure-mine_清翼

Zhejiang German female student night to offer Wenzhou panda blood Chinese named Gao Xiongmao (pictured) High German girl panda donation "panda blood", daily reporter Wu Jian Zheng Xiaoping Li Yangci yesterday, Wenzhou cool weather overcast, but the Wenzhou blood center blood indoor is unusually warm. At this time, a foreign girl is a dying man donated platelets. After collection, she successfully donated a bag of Rh negative A type platelet. Anxiously waiting for the family members of the patient hanging heart also fell. German students came to donate blood the night the old man surnamed hole, Aojiang Pingyang people, 75 years old this year. At the end of October this year, she suddenly fainted was taken to Wenzhou Medical College attached to a hospital, was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, the blood platelet number in vivo lack normal value 1/50. It pours, the old man’s blood is Rh negative blood type A, which belongs to the rare panda blood". After examination, no one in the family to meet the conditions of blood donation. In recent days, the family through micro-blog, WeChat and other platforms, looking for love panda". "Although the local people in Wenzhou have been offered before, but not enough." Elderly relatives Miss Zhou told reporters that after the first donation, it takes two weeks to re offer, and the elderly are now in urgent need of blood. At this time, a man named Christa Idel Zhejiang University, Germany, the students learned the news, blood type. She asked micro-blog to leave their contact information, and the elderly relatives get in touch. The evening of November 14th, just after the examination of the Christa alone ride EMU came to Wenzhou, and in a day earlier to offer blood on the precious "panda platelet", will the dying man rescued from death. However, although there are Christa help, but her donation of platelets can only solve the temporary difficulties, Kong grandmother still need more platelets. If your blood is Rh negative blood type A, please call 55582809, 55582811 Wenzhou central blood platelet recruitment hotline. Panda blood of her Chinese name panda yesterday, the reporter contacted the Christa Idel. Her Chinese name is panda, 21 years old, from the German town of Krefeld. Come to China just three months, now studying Chinese in Zhejiang University, like to play micro-blog and WeChat. A few days ago, when I browse information on micro-blog, see a help micro-blog, the urgent need for Rh negative type A blood." Panda learning Chinese time and soon, a lot of information on micro-blog she is not quite clear, but this help micro-blog she not only understand, and as a panda blood carrier, she quickly decided to donate blood. Posted by her, is the granddaughter of the elderly green. She told me she was in a hurry." Panda told reporters that she talked with the green, can feel the other is really anxious, so come. In an interview, the panda said it wasn’t her first blood donation. In March this year, blood donation. "It’s all right to help people." High panda also says his name Chinese good, so it.相关的主题文章: