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Travel-and-Leisure Napa Valley is one of the most renowned area’s in the entire world for the production of fine wine. The tradition of .mercial wine production dates back to the 19th century and is a true staple of this northern California .munity. Most people typically point to the 400+ wineries that are nestled in between the mountains and the coastline as the defining factor for what makes Napa Valley so great, other are quick to reference the wonderful Mediterranean climate. Although certainly not to be left out, the culinary tradition of Napa Valley is as deeply rooted in Napa tradition as the grapes growing in the very vineyards that are visited by over 4.5 million tourist every single year. It is because of the great amalgamation of singular examples of excellence that TripAdvisor named Napa Valley ‘The World’s Best Wine & Food Destination’ in the annual travelers’ Choice Awards. However, beyond the countless vineyards, the multiple fine dining establishments, and the various scenic views, we have done our best to list the ‘Things You Must Do When Visiting Napa Valley." This list is obviously not one of an authoritative nature, clearly relative to the tastes of individual desire. After years of living in the golden state, .fortably between the rolling hills and endless vineyards of Napa Valley and the Metropolitan gem of NorCal (San Francisco) I have developed a taste for what is best shown (through trial and error, of course) to those visiting the area! 1.) WINE TASTING It is the wine capitol of California after all. It is not like you expected whiskey tasting to top the list! There are hundreds of quality wineries all through out the Napa Valley region. I could easily rank those according to my experiences, but depending on if you prefer reds, whites, or sparkling, the list could be considerably debatable! However, I will list a few known for there aesthetics, hospitality, convenience, and other similarly appreciable attributes! It is more convenient to book an affordable Napa Valley Wine Tour than it is to book a wine tour at any other .mercial wine production mecca in the world. Take advantage, to not do so would be like visiting Philadelphia and not ordering the cheese steak. 1.) Winery re.mendation #1 The Rubicon Estate Winery (formerly Niebaum-Coppola Winery and Inglenook Winery) is irrefutably one of the greatest and most historic wineries in the entire Napa Valley Region. This estate was originally owned by Gustave Niebaum, a former sea captain. The estate is just as well known for its beautiful fountains and immaculate landscape as it is for its exhaustive wine selection. The Rubicon Estate is legendary among wine lover’s and you should definitely build it into your Napa Valley Wine Tour. The Rubicon is about beauty just as much as it is the famous vineyards which surround it. 2.) Winery re.mendation #2 My, Oh, My! I do love the Pine Ridge Winery! Pine Ridge is definitely set apart from the various contemporaries which line the same old country road. What make Pine Ridge so memorable is that their green eco-friendly focused when it .es to .mercial wine production. Pine Ridge’s knack for using on sustainable farming practices has resulted in a fair share of rewards, as they produce a world renowned wine that is easily one of the better wineries in California. The Pine Ridge tour couldn’t be classier and it begins in lush vineyards and grants you a very thorough look at how the wine is produced, the mystic wine caves, and a wine and cheese tasting as the grand finale. 3.) Winery re.mendation #3 The Clos Pegase Winery offers tours of it’s grounds (without caost of admission!) that guides you through beautiful wine cave, countless beautiful art pieces, and an old country type of grounds’ aesthetics that make any wonderful day into an unforgettable one. Beyond the Sauvignon Blanc or Caber. Sauvignon, The Clos Pegase will intoxicate you with culture. Regardless of which vineyard you choose, a tour of Napa Valley is unf.ettable. Reds, Whites, or Sparkling, Napa Valley does it right. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: